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Japanese for festival, Matsuri is a spirited, heart-pounding production that fuses the allure of world-class athletics and extreme sports in a variety show of unique specialty acts. A cast of 18 Japanese athletes defy imagination as they perform incredible stunts including the "Human Jump Rope," "Judo Tango," "Lion Dance" and "Foot Drums."
Matsuri incorporates music, strength, acrobatics, beauty and Japanese culture. It started as a runaway hit Japanese television program, "Kinniku-banzuke," created by famed Japanese producer Ushio Higuchi.

"Audiences leave the theater either shaking their heads in disbelief at the amazing skills and stamina of these performers or grinning from ear-to-ear because of their contagious energy," said Megan Belk, president of EBI Enterprises.

Above all, Matsuri is a memorable and energetic musical performance with comedic highlights that engages audience members with a thrilling glimpse of Japanese tradition and modern culture.

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